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From Data Management to Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

WaCCliM 2017

The Biosolids Emissions Assessment Model (BEAM)

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment 2009

Guidelines on Energy Efficiency on Water and Wastewater Utilities

ACWUA and GIZ 2015

ECAM Methodology

WaCCliM Team 2017

Welcome & Introduction

WaCCliM Team 2017

Separating sewage from rainwater in Vancouver


Water Well Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Houben & Treskatis 2007

Strategic alliance for water loss reduction


Control and mitigation of drinking water losses in distribution systems

EPA 2010

Water loss management: A case study in Korea. Water Practice & Technology

J. Y. Mun, D. G. Kim, B. J. Kang, Y. H. Park, and H. W. 2008

Ultra sonic algae control in Wastewater Treatment Plant

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