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Latest resources

Baseline carbon emission assessment in water utilities in Jordan using ECAM tool

Motasem Saidan, Hussam J. Khasawneh, Hassan Aboelnga, Sureyya Meric, Ioannis Kalavrouziotis , Al sharifa H. 2019

Urban groundwater use in Tropical Africa – a key factor in enhancing water security?

Stephen Foster, Anne Bousquet and Sean Furey 2018

Towards water sensitive cities in Asia: an interdisciplinary journey

N. J. Barron, M. Kuller, T. Yasmin, A. C. Castonguay, V. Copa, E. Duncan-Horner, F. 2017

Assessment of future water availability under climate change, considering scenarios for population growth and ageing infrastructure

Erle Kristvik, Tone M. Muthanna and Knut Alfredsen 2019

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