Linking Water and Climate | Towards a Carbon Neutral, Risk Resilient Water Sector

WaCCliM, 2020

Limiting climate change to 1.5°C requires all sectors to increase their GHG reduction ambitions. In many countries, however, the opportunities to reduce emissions in the urban water sector are not included as part of the NDCs for the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. The “Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation” (WaCCliM) project supports water and wastewater utilities to reduce their carbon footprints and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Following a cross-sectoral approach that spans mitigation and adaptation, WaCCliM considers the implications of greenhouse gases in the water–energy–carbon nexus.

The “Linking Water and Climate” brochure gives an overview on WaCCliM’s background, objectives, goals and approach to achieve a carbon neutral, risk resilient water sector.

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